Our Development Plan

Every holding of Landlagos is earmarked for development two years after purchase. The development plan is to see the popularization of affordable prefabricated homes that cost less than a third of regular offerings. This affordable luxury setting can either be owned by the owner of the land or the property would be bought by a new buyer at the current value, making the land owner a decent profit and the buyer a new owner.

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The LandLagos Development 1 is focused on the development of property in select locations in Lagos state. Our flagship Development plan is in the Ibeju- Lekki area of Lagos. Approximately an hour drive from Ajah with minimal traffic within the area. It is in Close Proximity to the proposed site for the Lekki Airport and also very close to the Lekki Free Trade Zone – the future commercial hub of Lagos state. It is directly opposite the very popular La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort and a 10 minute drive to Eleko beach and other resorts with great ambience. It is 100% Dry Land.

Our second Development plan (LLD2) shares borders with LandLagos Development One, located in the Ibeju- Lekki area of Lagos. What makes LandLagos Development Two different from the LLD1, is that we allow for small to large scale buyers who have their own construction and development plans the ability to pursue their personal vision for the space. Sharing a border with LandLagos Development One, you still get to enjoy the amenities to be provided in the flagship development.



Up to 20 hours of daily power supply
Environment friendly, the planned drainage in LLD1 eliminates the risk of flooding and ensures proper waste disposal.
Well treated water system will be available for residents.
The connected road networks will be designed for easy commute.
Future developments within the LLD1 would be fitted with gates and perimeter fencing to ensure our residents are safe and secure. Street lights will be installed to further guarantee safety and add color to the area even at night.
Enjoy a 360 housing experience with all-inclusive recreational facilities such as a Sports arena, Cinema, Gym and a kids playground.


Every landlagos property is sold with the following documents.
  • lens Contract of sale
  • lens Deed of agreement
  • lens Registered Survey ( Available to process)
  • lens Certificate of Occupancy ( Available to process)
  • lens Governor’s consent (Available to process)

Plan 1

  • Land Title - Excision in view
  • Location - Opposite La Campagne Tropicana, Ibeju Lekki.
  • Size - One Plot (600square meter)
  • Price - N3,000,000

Plan 2

  • Land Title - Excision in view
  • Location - Opposite La Campagne Tropicana, Ibeju Lekki.
  • Size - Half Plot (300square meter)
  • Price - N1,600,000

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Lepia Town, Ibeju-Lekki

Strategically located a few kilometers from the Landlagos development One (LLD1), the Lepia Town is located at a unique and prime area along the major road leading to La Campagne Tropicana Resort and a 5 minute rive from Dangote Refinery. It is surrounded by major industries and close to the Lekki deep sea port.

Lotus 1 map


  • Location Title - Government Approved Excision
  • Location - Lepia Town, Ibeju-Lekki.
  • Size - One Plot (600square meter)
  • Price - N4,500,000

lotus 2

Siriwon Village, Ibeju-Lekki

Located along the Landlagos Development One (LLD1) in Ibeju-Lekki, the Siriwon Village is in close proximity with the Dangote refinery, the Free Trade Zone and is 15 minutes before La Campagne Tropicana beach resort. It is a 100% fertile and dry land.

Lotus 2 map


  • Location Title - Government Approved Excision
  • Location - Siriwon Village, Ibeju-Lekki .
  • Size - One Plot (600square meter)
  • Price - N4,000,000


Mopo Village, Okun Ajah

The Mopo Village is categorized under the Ajah local government. It is largely surrounded by major beaches and resorts such as the Atican beach and Barracuda Beach. It is a fifteen minute drive from the very popular Abraham Adesanya Estate and the Lekki Scheme 2.

grande map


  • Location Title - Government Approved Excision
  • Location - Mopo Village, Okun Ajah.
  • Size - One Plot (600square meter)
  • Price - N5,000,000

Why LandLagos?

Because we are the only real estate company in Nigeria allowing you to own land that we would go on to develop at zero initial cost to you, giving you the option of either becoming a home owner with a payment plan that spans 5 years for 3 bedroom homes that cost less than a third of traditional homes Or become a smart investor when you choose to sell your land with LandLagos to the new buyers of the home at a very good profit

With an affordable land payable over a year, we are making the average Nigerian a player in the real estate market while changing what it means to be a real estate company in the country.

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As part of our commitment to you, we have made arrangements to transport each customer from their homes or offices to and from our office and also to our site for FREE!

Payment Details

Dear partner, please note that all payments for purchase of property must be paid into:


No other account details represents the company.



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